Why Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura Arrested Check Charges & Reports

Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura

On Monday afternoon, Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, Benson Mutura, was arrested. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detained the speaker at his office in City Hall. Photos of Mutura in handcuffs have spread on the internet. The photos are clicked moments before the speaker was whisked to DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road for grilling. Poeple have been searching for details about the matter on social media ever since the news broke online. Everyone wants to know why has Benson Mutura been arrested. Check the article to get the complete details.

According to reports, Mutura is wanted over a recent theft incident that involved a county employee at City Hall. Police summons state that they are conducting an investigation into alleged stealing by a servant. It added that they have reason to believe that Mutura is connected to offence or happen to have some piece of information that may assist in the investigations. The Assembly speaker has not remained quiet in the matter and has addressed the arrest as a political witchhunt.

Mutura went on to claim that he is being targeted as he endorsed Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid. Benson Mutura said that he recently announced his support for Deputy President William Ruto and decamped from Jubilee to United Democratic Alliance (UDA). He also claimed that his enemies also emerged following his questioning of the legality of extending the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) for six months.

According to Benson, these things started emerging after he called out NMS as they were not following the rule and regulations of law. He further stated that the assembly will not cleanse what is unlawful. Let us add that the general election will take place from August 9 and these things are happening just before that. Talking about the same, Benson said that he is not contesting for any political seat and that he will only perform duties and tasks that have been assigned to him by the UDA party.

For those unversed, Benson Mutura was sworn in as Speaker in August 2020. When Beatrice Elaichi had quit the protracted leadership row in the assembly, Mutura had taken over from him. Later, in 2021, Mutura acted as governor after a power vacuum that arose after the impeachment of Mike Sonko. However, the Speaker requested to appear at the DCI offices on Thursday, April 21, 2022, claiming that the summons came just 30 minutes before he was required to appear and that he would not be able to make it in time.

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