Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested? Charges Explained

Aussie Cossack Arrested Again: Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested? Charges Explained: An incident has pulled every sight toward itself. According to the reports, Simon Boikov who is also known as Aussie Cossack has tried to bribe Channel 9. This incident is going viral on every major social media platform. It appears that plenty of financial concerns have not affected Simon Boikov’s willingness to splash the cash. As in a  spontaneous stunt by Aussie Cossack, he claimed that he bribed Channel 9. Explore this matter and read it in detail in the below-placed sections of this column. You are advised to stick with this page and follow this story till the end as we have discussed a lot of things regarding this headline. Kindly scroll down the page and have a peek at the given below divisions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Aussie Cossack Arrested Again

First of all, we tell you that Simon Boikov aka Aussie Cossack is a Russian patriot or wild Vladimir Putin supporter. He become the topic of the town when he angrily reacted to Channel 9 reporter. This matter has gone viral in which he showed how he bribed a Channel 9 reporter. People across social media are looking for the matter explanation due to which Putin supporter is gaining an enormous amount of attention. Reportedly, things started when a reporter from Channel 9 approached him to discuss Russian propaganda for invading Ukraine.

Why was Aussie Cossack Arrested?

According to the reports, the reporter was Marshall who went with his cameraman to Simon Boikov to talk about Russian policies and warfare issues. But the boisterous Putin supporter put out a $100 note from his pocket and placed that note in Channel 9 reporter Marshall’s packet and yelled while looking at the camera, “I have just bribed him off just like Channel 9 purchases their people off.” Furthermore, he went away from there in a vehicle marked with a big Z which is a symbol to support Russian warfare efforts. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about this topic.

Meanwhile, Marshall tried to return the money to Simon Boikov but he did not listen to him and moved. But later someone on behalf of Simon Boikov came back and collected the money from Channel 9 reporter. This unconventional reaction of Simon Boikov gained people’s attention on social media and now everyone is talking about Marshall and Boikov. Moreover, Boikov also told Marshall that the police are constantly targeting me for years because I cover real news. Stay connected with us for more information.

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