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Conservative MP Arrested: Why was Conservative MP Arrested? Charges Explained: A piece of news is coming straight from London, according to the source, the Metropolitan police department has taken a Tory MP into custody. The news of MP’s arrest has taken over the internet by storm and people have been perplexed as they are speculating about the identity of the arrested MP. The news of the arrest of a politician always becomes a hot topic on social media and the same is also helping this time. Since people have read the news of an MP’s arrest they are making stories and trying to guess the name of the accused MP. There are various questions that are still yet to be answered such as who is the arrested MP and what are the charges against him? If you are also seeking the answers to these questions then you are in the right place. Here we have answered various questions related to this news. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Conservative MP Arrested

The Metropolitan Police department announced that they have arrested an MP over allegations dating between 2002 to 2009. According to the reports, the arrested MP is a member of the Conservative Party and the arrested MP is accused of sexual assault, rape, and misuse of his powers. Keep reading this column to fetch more arrested MP. In the below-placed section, we have listed a few names that could be the identity of the arrested MP.

Why was Conservative MP Arrested?

The MP who is behind the bars is accused of abusing the position of trust and misconduct in a government office. Moreover, the Conservative Party has announced the suspension of the accused MP, the accused MP could not attend the Parliament until the investigation is on. Metropolitan Police is probing the case and they have reported that the accused Conservative MP has been held over sexual offenses and rape allegations. Kindly read down the further section to learn who could be the man.

However, the name of the accused MP has not been shared by the authorities, they have kept the name of the Conservative Party’s MP secret. But after following various reports and statements we have concluded that the accused Conservative MP could be Mark Francois or Andrew Rosindell. These two names are trending on the internet. Many social media posts have claimed these two MP have been arrested for sexual offenses. But this information is not verified yet. We will replace you with the updated information as soon as something comes.

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