Why was Harmonize Arrested In Kenya? Charges Explained

Harmonize Arrested In Kenya: Why was Harmonize Arrested In Kenya? Charges Explained: Recently, Rajab Abdul Kahali was arrested in Nairobi on Sunday in the case of not performing in the shows. He was an entertainer and showed up in various shows. Whenever he performs on the stage, he just ignites it. Many people forget the stress, and tension after watching his shows. People say whenever we attend his shows it feels like we see a new and different thing from the rest of the others. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Harmonize Arrested In Kenya

Currently, he was coming on news channels and every social media page was covering him. If you are aware of his situation, then good. But if you don’t know about his current situation and always finding what’s going on then we tell you shortly. In this article, we gonna discuss why social media is covering him. So without delaying any further minute, let’s get started.

He has been arrested for not showing up to the show. Many have booked his shows him and many people were excited to see him. But when he was not showed up on the show, many people say there feels like a scam has done with us. He used people’s money to buy a fancy product and use it for his own purpose.

Why was Harmonize Arrested In Kenya?

Some organizers have received a lot of complaints about him. And they get a lot of negative messages to him.  He did not refund the people’s money and used it for their own purposes. Organizers say they are waiting for their money back. And those who booked his show also wants to get back their money. This is the reason why he was arrested.

Cops interrogated him and they filed a complaint about him. The money that he gets from the people dont know where it is now. He didn’t tell to the cops and don’t share it with anybody. He cheats so many people including the organizers. But criminal always made one mistake and what he actually does.

Now he was in jail and he didn’t get out from the jail until cops find the people’s money and the organisers money.  Cops are very strict to this case and they are taking legal action towards him. His family details was also unknown at the time of writing. If something would came up, then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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