Why was Kerrion Franklin Arrested? Charges Explained

Kerrion Franklin Arrested

Kerrion Franklin Arrested: Why was Kerrion Franklin Arrested? Charges Explained: This is to inform you that Kerrion Franklin has been arrested by the state police. Social media platforms have been taken over by the posts that are claiming his arrest. If this news is true or a hoax. People have been perplexed after hearing this news as there are several stories that are being established on the internet. Here we have come up to clear all the queries of our readers so be sticky with this article for a while and go through all the sections of this article. We have given all the authentic information linked with this topic in the below-placed sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kerrion Franklin Arrested

If there anyone is a fan of singer Kirk Franklin he should follow this news article to find out what is the reality. According to Larry Reid Pateron, Kerrion Franklin has been apprehended following several felony charges. If we believe in this report then Kerrion must be facing serious charges levied on him. But what are the charges? and why he is in police custody? According to the reports, he was arrested when police stopped his vehicle for a broken tail mild and when they search his car police found an illegal gun. Keep reading this article to learn further information.

Why was Kerrion Franklin Arrested?

When police recovered an illegal weapon from his car he was held for further interrogation. During interrogation, Kerrion claimed that the gun does not belong to him and he does not know anything about it. After further interrogation, it was reported that the four-wheeler he was driving did not also belong to him. That car was of a missing girl who is said to be his girlfriend. Now he has been charged with three felony charges and he is booked in Texas. However, the official report of his arrest is yet to be launched and the charges are also yet to be revealed.

He is the son of his mother named Shawn Ewing and his father named Kirk Franklin. Shawn and Kirk welcomed Kerrion after they got married. The couple is together since they were youngsters. But the information about their marriage is yet to be obtained. The arrested Kerrion accused his parents of abandoning him. However, Kirk always threw those allegations to the ground whenever he was asked. Kirk claimed that he always helped him to extract him from his wrong deeds. While Kerrion’s mother also refused to take the allegations levied on her by her son through a podcast.

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