Why Was Lil Baby Artist Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!


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Lil Baby’s famous label was signed by rapper Dirty Tay and is accused of some accusations. A young child was reportedly shot and killed, which was an incident during the passage. Although the rapper was on a break elsewhere when Lil Baby tangled his name in this controversy. According to his activity on social networks, Pierre Thomas spends most of his time between the stress of the Quality Control Music executive with compensation. One of Lil Baby’s artists had been gunned down by the law by the firm itself. The artist Dirty Tay had signed the contract with the Lil Baby label for the 4PF label.

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Who is the rapper Dirty Tay?

He is currently eager to find the spotlight for his career in a positive influence, but never would have expected this kind of attention and many of the reports of his arrest to circulate on the internet since then. The news circulating until the end includes the online shows of Dirty Tay, whose real name is Kentavious Wright, who had been arrested by the police for having some connections to the murder case of a three-year-old boy. The baby was seriously injured. Fox 5 Atlanta news channel covered this incident with a report that read: Dajuan Jewell, a man who left the barbershop with his children and noticed a car hurtling toward him uncontrollably.

Why was Lil Baby Artist arrested?

The car followed him and suddenly accompanied him and opened the continuous shot that hit the boy in the head. Another child was rammed into the vehicle and sustained some injuries. The three-year-old boy was seriously injured. The baby was identified as Javon, was rushed to hospital for urgent medical care, and reportedly survived the assault but is in the intensive care unit for now. No further health status is revealed. We pray for his speedy recovery and a better life ahead. Police are investigating the murder and assault case along with many gang-related charges.

Lil Baby Artist: All Charges and Accusations

According to the statements given by the police officers, it is believed that the case must be observed with clarity and precision in order to obtain proper investigation reports and conclusions. Every CCTV video will be checked under deeper observation. At the same time, the rapper used his Instagram account to tell his side of the truth to his fans or the whole world. He posted a story denying all allegations and accusations about him having any connection to the little boy murder case. He was charged with crimes including aggravated assault, attempted murder, cruelty to children, and gang-related charges, but denied all of it.

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