Why was Marilyn Manson Arrested and Rachel Evan Wood Assault Charges Allegations explained

Marilyn Manson Arrested

Why was Marilyn Manson Arrested and Rachel Evan Wood Assault Charges Allegations explained: Marilyn Manson has been arrested a few years ago in the case of the sexual abuse of Evan Rachel Wood. She was an actress and the first girlfriend of Manson. She was gorgeous, good-looking, and damn hot. He fell into her when she was 18. Both got love at first sight and both started a conversation. During the first month, he treated me well but after spending time with him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Why was Marilyn Manson Arrested?

Things going to little bit different way. She can see a change in his behavior in which he started misbehaving with her, don’t follow her advice and sometimes he beat her. She was frustrated and didn’t tolerate him anymore. After one year, She decided to break him up and go their separate ways. Now they both are focused on their career and didn’t talk to them anymore.

There’s a documentary made on her named Phoenix Rising. In this documentary, it was clearly stated how much pain she is suffering from and how she faces his attitude. When I looked at this documentary, I felt my past has come again. This documentary is worth to watch it. The moments which happened in her life are shown in this documentary. If you get the time then you can watch it.

Marilyn Manson Assault Charges Allegations

When this documentary came out on the internet, she wrote on Twitter that I cannot put into words how incredibly strong and Brace Evan Rachel Wood is after watching Phenix Rising. The new evidence is just…wow. It’s not an easy documentary to watch, but if you can do so, please take the time to watch it. Cops have arrested the Singer Marilyn Manson in California police last week and he is now in the custody. They are interrogating him and looking at his past if he has something done wrong with any girl.

Who is Marilyn Manson married to now?

After having the breakup with Evan Rachel Wood, she marries another girl name is Lindsay Urich. She was a painter who lives with her husband Marilyn Manson in Los Angeles. She has an identical twin sister named Ashley. She started photography when she was 17 years. She has established a career in Chicago and New York. In her early days, she used books to hold the camera steady because she didn’t have a tripod. She officially married in 2012.

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