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Brett Kenny Arrested: Why was NRL legend Arrested? Charges Explained: Recently, news has been circulated on the internet that Brett Kenny has been arrested for domestic violence. He was 62 years old when he appeared in court. The incident happened on April 12, 2022, when a 58-year-old man and 49-year-old woman were at a fitness facility on The Entrance Road at Bateau Bay when they were approached by a 62-year-old man known to them as per cops. In today’s article, we gonna discuss briefly what exactly happened to him and his intention. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Brett Kenny Arrested

Crimes have been increasing day by day. Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment. In Brett Kenny’s case, he allegedly creates problems for two people and now cops have apprehended him. Cops charged him with domestic violence. They put him in the prison for doing nasty things with the two people. When people knew that he was doing some wrong things to any random stranger. They immediately take action and put him into prison. It was reported last year Kenny consented to an apprehended violence order taken out against him by police on behalf of his estranged wife Suzanne.

Why was NRL legend Brett Kenny Arrested?

Kenny’s health was slowing down day by day because he was suffering from lymphoma cancer. Earlier, when he was in the first stage of cancer. He didn’t feel that something going wrong in his body but when the disease spread in his whole body then it was late for him. And the doctor says you are at your last stage. We can only try our best to slow down the process of disease.

If something has been seriously seen in your body then we have to go for an operation. And if we do that then we don’t know what will happen after the operation. Either you died or you alive. In 2018, when it’s time for the operation. Thankfully, he successfully fights with his disease and he was alive. Doctors say, from now onwards, you don’t have to be needed for a longer treatment or any medicines. You have successfully defeated the disease.

Who Is Brett Kenny?

Kenny was inducted into the NSW Rugby League Hall of Fame last year. He scored two tries in three consecutive grand finals from 1981 to 1983. The only player ever to achieve the feat. He appeared 17 times in New South Wales and the Kangaroos and was also listed in the Australia of top 100 greatest players.

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