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Mon Tulfo Arrested: Why was Ramon Tulfo Arrested? Charges Explained: A report came to our vision which claimed the famous journalist and broadcaster named Ramon Mon Tulfo has been arrested. This news surfaced just a while ago. The Internet has been flushed a number of questions related to the broadcaster’s arrest. There are various questions that are yet to be answered. The news of Tulfo’s arrest was confirmed by the Manila Police District but what are the allegations and charges against him? This will be explained in the forthcoming sections of this column. You have to follow the below-placed sections of this article. Kindly scroll it down and have a look below. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Mon Tulfo Arrested

According to the source, the famous broadcaster was arrested over a cyber libel police complaint. Now you may be wondering if he is still under police custody or not. According to the source, Ramon Mon Tulfo is still in police custody. He is being questioned by the police over allegations. The journalist is detained at the Manila City Hall detachment. However, the further details of his arrest are yet to be released by the Manila Police department. Reports claimed that the police complaint was lodged by Vitaliano Aguirre II, the former justice secretary. That’s all on his arrest news for now. Let’s learn some personal information about Ramon Mon Tulfo. Kindly shift to the further section for more.

Why was Ramon Tulfo Arrested?

The detained broadcaster is the brother of Raffy Tulfo, a winning senatorial candidate, and Ewin and Ben. Ewin and Ben both are television personalities. Moreover, the arrested broadcaster is also the brother of Wanda Tulfo Teo, a former tourism secretary. Wanda Tulfo Teo got mired in controversy during her tenure as tourism chief. Ramon Mon Tulfo is currently 75 years of age. Keep reading this article to learn more about him and arrest news. Scroll it down.

The famous 75 years of age broadcaster was detained after the release of an arrest warrant against him. The arrest warrant was released by 24 Judge Maria Victoria Soriano Villadolid of Manila Regional Trial Court. Furthermore, the Manila Police department sought the assistance of counsel of the complainant to arrest the broadcaster. The 75-years-old broadcaster will remain under the custody of the police until further notice. We are relentlessly working on Ramon Mon Tulfo’s arrest news and will surely give you an updated report on this matter. Keep visiting this web page for more information.

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