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Tejasvi Surya Arrested: Why was Tejasvi Surya Arrested? Charges Explained: Tejasvi Surya’s name can be seen on every news channel at this point in time. A moment ago we have been reported by our sources that he has been taken into custody while traveling to Karauli. Tejasvi Surya is a famous politician who is an elected MP of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). The news of his arrest broke out on Wednesday 13th April 2022. We have dug deep on the web to extract every imperative and authentic information of this trending news so that we can make our readers educated on this arguable topic. Kindly read down this article till the end and take a look at all the paragraphs of this headline. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Tejasvi Surya Arrested

As per the reports, the arrested MP was apprehended on 13th April 2022 when he was heading toward the violence-hit region of Rajasthan referred to as Karauli. Reportedly, he is in police custody in Rajasthan. If you are less interested in politics then you might not know that Rajasthan is Congress’s dominant state. An outrage has been caused among the BJP supporters following the arrest of Tejasvi Surya. Now people are eager to learn for what charges he has been arrested? Keep reading this article to learn why he has been arrested.

Why was Tejasvi Surya Arrested?

Ashok Gehlot who is Chief Minister of Rajasthan said on the arrest of Tejasvi Surya that he was continually trying to create a communal stir in Rajasthan. While BJP replied to his statement on Twitter that you or your Sonia Sena can not halt us from asking your dictatorship and Hinduphobia. According to the reports, Tejasvi Surya was traveling to Karauli where a week before a bike rally was carried out to celebrate the Hindu new year which eventually turned into a confrontation between 2 groups.

BJP MP was heading to a violence-hit region but his intention was not clear for what he was going to Karauli. According to the police. he was arrested as he was giving spark to the communal environment. There are several other fellows who were arrested alongside Tejasvi Surya. As per the reports, the Rajasthan Police arrested Satish Poonia who is currently BJP Rajasthan President. Moreover, there are several BJP supporters who have been taken into custody due to ongoing protests in Rajasthan. BJP supporters are condemning the move of Rajasthan police on Twitter and other social media platforms. Stay connected with us for more updates and information.

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