Why Was Trontavious Stephens YSL Member Arrested? Reason, all Charges & Allegations Explained!

The murder that occurred in 2015, of Thomas Donovan, is the talk of the town these days. The reason is that the hearing of the case is going to be held on Tuesday and many including the well-known rapper Young Thug AKA Jeffrey Williams are involved in the case. Though the case happened in 215, no information regarding the case was out until now. Despite the accused were taken into custody by police officials. Along with Young Thug, the other member of the YSL group were taken into consideration as well. One of them is Trontavious Stephens. Although Thug was the main suspect in the case, Stephens’s name was also taken into the case. He was not arrested for the murder but for getting something involved in the murder that was committed. Speaking of Young Thugs and Trontavious Stephens’s relation, both of them are in the YSL group. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Trontavious Stephens YSL Member Arrested?

To clarify it, even more, Young Thug, Trontavious Stephen, and Walter Murphy AKA Dk are the founding father so the YSL gang. Trontavious is also known by other names such as Slug and Tick. When names of the members were said to be involved in the murder, people who seek them and others as well wanted to learn more about the murder and the personalities as well. The gang that is the YSL gang is held in jail for committing the crime and also muddling with RICO bills. RICO is Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, which is working to remove the mafia crimes and the clashes they cause between themselves and other people as well.

Trontavious Stephens: All Charges & Allegations

Though Young Thug and all about his life are on the internet, nothing special about Trontavious is released in the media or on the internet. Police will surely be involved in deep investigations and maybe they will find out information about his age, life, relations, and family as well. His mugshot details aren’t launched yet, and maybe the imprisonment or the details of the charges will be given out after the trials.

The accusations made were not revealed earlier and when the news came up people are filled with doubts and questions. As a result, a lot of them are searching about the case on the internet. The murder was attempted at McDaniel Street, Castle Berry street when men in a car came out of nowhere and shot Donavan and two youngsters along with him. Hopefully, the youngsters survived but Donavan died on the spot.

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