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Why you should never remove the wax in your ear.



Ear wax is a yellowish brown like substance, found in the ear, that so many people refer to as dirty in the ear. Ear wax is very helpful, and very useful to the ear, but however when it becomes too much in the ear, it becomes an issue. So below are reasons why you should never remove all the wax in your ear;

1. Exposing the ear drum: Just like in agriculture, too much weeding exposes the soil to a lot of problem, that is the same thing that occurs when you remove all the wax in your ear, you expose your ear drum to alot of problem, which on the long run might damage your ear.

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2. Pains in the ear: When removing the wax in the ear for a long time, you find out that your ear begins to pain you, this is because, you are stressing the ear, so it is better to leave the ear alone.

3. Risk of deafness: When you don’t have wax in your ears, and someone slap you on the ear, the force and sound, causes a vibration to the ear drum, and since the ear drum does not have wax that can help reduce the vibration, it might damage the ear drum and it can lead to deafness.

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