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Why You Should Not flash that hanging phone see what you need to do



Don’t flash that hanging phone see what you need to do.

lot of times we are tempted to flash our phones that are hanging and end up losing our important data and files on our phones, when there are simple ways to solve the problem of hanging.

There are a lot of things that may cause phone to hang which an average person do not know. These problem can cause our to spend money unnecessarily to the engineer for flashing which which is not necessary when you can simple do something about it…

These are the simple way to solve phone hanging problems

1. You may need to sw itch your phone off and on again. Some of the phone hanging issues can be solved when your phone is switched off and switched on after few minutes.

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2. You can delete some files. When the phone space is filled up it can cause phone to hang, in that case you need to delete some files to free up space on your phone storage space.

3. You can remove the battery and fixed it back. If it is possible remove to battery from the phone, refixed it and switch it on again.

4. Unplug the phone from the power if it was on charge. Some charges we use can cause the phone to hang, if you are using your phone while charging, then you need to unplug it from the power cable.

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Some times flashing of phone cost us N1, 000 to N3,000 or more and you also lose your important data and files on your phone.

If you don’t want to spend this much and still lose your files you can do one or more of these solutions… It will help you a lot…