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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Garden Egg If You Have These 3 Medical Conditions




Don’t Eat Garden Egg If You Have These Three Medical Conditions

Garden egg is a popular African fruit that is edible. It has many other purposes, and can also be used while cooking as a vegetable or condiment to spice up meals. Garden egg has several health benefits to it’s users. It has constituents that are a essentially healthy and good for the heart. It is also very rich in fiber, an important nutrient found in fruits that stimulate and easy bowel movements in the body.


However, as it has these good properties listed above, it also has potentially hazardous properties (if taken in excess) when the eater is already diagnoses with these three listed medical conditions:


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Stomach ulcer


I should be quite clear and precise on this. As a diabetic, normal consumption of garden egg isn’t as bad as the other two ailments. However, you should only consume garden egg as a diabetic only on the advise of your doctor. Excessive consumption of garden eggs without a doctor’s advise as a diabetic, could result in Hypoglycemia, a dangerous medical condition that is characterized by extremely low levels of sugar in the blood.

I really hope you understand the above point. Yes, Garden eggs help lower your blood sugar level as a diabetic, but if you consume it in excess without a doctor telling you to do so, you might be endangering your life, as excessive consumption leads to low sugar levels which is even worse than high blood sugar, as you could lose brain function rapidly if urgent medical care isn’t provided.

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Patients diagnosed with stomach ulcer and indigestion should please avoid garden egg at all cost, as it’s high level of fiber isn’t good at all for ulcer and Indigestion patients.

So, if you have any of the medical conditions listed above, please try to avoid eating garden egg, only do so on the advise of a doctor or a medical professional. There are other healthy food items you can substitute for garden eggs comfortably.


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