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Why You Will Slowly Become Deaf If You Don’t Stop Using Headphones



The usage of headphones has actually become a part of us all. So many people make use of headphone as their companion whenever they are traveling and sometimes as a means of avoiding disturbance from people around them.

The usage of earphones at a loud volume for a very long time can result in total deafness of the ear.

Whenever sound waves get to the ear, vibration is bound to occur in the eardrum and this vibration is sent to the inner ear through small bones to reach the cochlea.

This cochlea contains small hairs and whenever the vibration gets there, the hairs moves faster leading to temporary loss of hearing.

However, if the hair cells does not recover from the damage caused by the loud vibrations, it might lead to permanent loss of hearing.

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So, whenever you make use of a headphone, ensure the sound is not too loud to avoid damaging your ear.