Women ONLY want This Simple Things In The Bedroom From Their Men

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Very realistically, it doesn’t take much time for a man to get sufficiently aroused. But you cannot say the same about a woman. However, there are some super achievable tips for men to get their woman hot and ready for some intimate time in bed. To begin with, you need to understand that being wet doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s ready for having. It might only be a precursor to readiness. Making use of some of these tips will definitely guarantee that your lady is happy in bedroom.

– Take it slow and easy: Don’t rush into it. Your woman won’t ever feel turned on if you’re rushing into it. Slow down and indulge in some foreplay before the actual act. Start with caressing. Use every inch of her body to caress her till she is ready for you to reach between her legs. Explore your partner’s body as much as you can. Ears, neck, arms, chest, legs – all these parts of her body can create sensual sensations.

Ask her what she wants: intimacy should be about your partner sometimes. The best way to make her feel special is to ask her what she’d like you to do to her. You can also ask her what she doesn’t like or the things she’d prefer. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about what your partner likes in bed. It eases out the tension and pressure for you to try and fail at a few things.

– A French kiss doesn’t mean the best kiss: Kissing doesn’t get as much due as it deserves. A lot of women don’t even like French kissing if you didn’t know. Instead of an aggressive kiss, go in gently. Caress her lips and softly touch her lips with yours. Kissing shouldn’t be a quick act, take your time with it and let your woman enjoy the whole process of your lips brushing against hers.

– Fondle her the right way: Once you both get to a point where you are ready to take it to the next level, indulge in some fondling. Breasts and nipples are extremely sensitive and they need a soft touch. Gently caress and fondle them but don’t forget to talk to your woman. Ask her to guide you through the spots that make her feel more turned on. Communication can help you both enjoy and tease each other.

– Let her wait for a little while: The whole point of caressing your woman’s body is to let her warm-up and get into the mood. If you just thrust yourself upon her and reach between her legs, you might lose the battle. Instead, caress her entire body and once you both get into the mod, move on to touching her most intimate parts. Delaying genital play a little makes the act more pleasurable and gives your partner enough time to get into the mood and drip went for you.

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