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“Women, Please Be Careful When Buying Fishes” – See What A Fish Seller Is Doing To Her Fishes



“Mothers, Please Be Careful When Buying These” – See What A Fish Seller Is Doing To Her Fishes (PHOTOS)

This the photo of a woman who rubs oil on her fishes to make it look new. These fishes are old fishes, some of the fishes are no longer good but she runs oil on them with a brush to make the fish have a sparking look.

If you buy these type of fish, less than 2 days, you might see maggot Coming out of them and sometimes, they might begin to smell.

Mother, Please be careful when buying goods in the market. Some of the goods we buy in the market may not be good at all but we may think they’re good due to the way it is being packaged and arranged.

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In this photo attached above, I went to market yesterday and I saw this woman trying to give her fishes a very good look when it is very clear that the fishes are not good looking. Some of the fishes in the picture have lost their true colors.

Some fishes there may have used up to 3 to 4 weeks in the store due to absence of customers after the Covid-19 period. However, so many market women who have goods in their stores are bringing them out for customers to buy and this is why we must pay attention to what we buy in other for us not to buy something we may regret later.

I saw the woman cleaning the fishes with the brush, there’s a bucket of groundnut oil beside her which I’m Unable to capture. She puts the brush in the oil and at the same time, use it to brush the fishes in other for it to look fresh and new. Please be careful of what you buy, this fishes may not be good for use once you buy them.

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