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Women, this is Why putting on pants during the day is a health hazard to you: Read



Putting on pants is among the new habits that ladies adapt as they grow up. However, this is something that was once initially introduced to them by their parents for various reasons. Some of us even get to learn this as we grow. Pants are considered to be very basic clothing that you find no even any single lady. Be it the day or night, some will always ensure they use it to complement their dressing. This is due to the feeling that without it on, you can not feel the comfort you need for the day.

The use of pants during the day has been found to be relatively harmful to the health of most of our ladies. So, it is always either advisable you try your best through the day or use it responsibly. This is because of the hazards linked to it if not responsibly utilized. Remember the lady’s reproductive body organs require a continuous supply of air. This helps to keep the body ventilated and free from pathogens.During the day, our bodies are always very active and sweating as we go through our daily activities. As the sweat is released, it is supposed to be set free to evaporate from the surface for the free flow of air. Unfortunately, putting on the pants has been confirmed to deny this process a chance to occur. This is because most of the pants are made using plastic and nylon combined materials. Such won’t allow the release of the sweat this more is retained under the pants.Now that Fungi survives well in a wet environment, this surface supports it to thrive well. As this continues to happen, it increases the chances of one generating STI’s for herself. This is when you will start seeing results like itching effects. So, let’s always try our best to ensure we avoid it during the day. If possible stay free and stay safe but take precautions

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