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Wonwoo hyun mother

We are extremely sad and disheartened sharing this appalling news of Wonwoo’s mother’s passing. This disturbing event took place on Wednesday morning and all of her family members are devastated and mourning her death. As we have been informed she was the mother of a famous South Korean rapper named Wonwoo who is heartbroken and swamped performing the funeral of his mother. All of his fans are sharing their condolence with the famous rapper and paying tribute to her mother. The prominent member of the popular band named Seventeen, Wonwoo hasn’t made any kind of statement on this misfortune so far. Get more information on Wonwoo’s mother’s death cause.

According to the latest updates, the rapper himself was diagnosed with the dreaded virus some months ago. The news even went viral across the web and all of his fans prayed for his speedy recovery. He was affected by the virus in the month of February after he identified initial symptoms of the virus including sore throat and mild fever. He performed a COVID test with a self-test kit that came out positive. He then went for a PCR test that confirmed that the rapper is under the influence of the virus. This news got widely spread on the Internet on the 12th of February of the ongoing year.

As of now, Wonwoo is facing some other kinds of unusual symptoms apart from sore throat and fever due to which he self-isolated himself at his home. It is being said that his mother Hoshi came into contact with Wonwoo on Wednesday, 9th March. Later, both underwent the CPR test, however, the reports came negative. After they both underwent PCR tests to affirm the condition.

All the fans of the rapper are sharing their deep condolence for him and also paying tribute to his mother. Wonwoo’s real name is Jeon Won Woo but his fans gave his name Wonwoo merging his last name. He was born on 17th July 1996 and he is 25 years of his age so far.

He also has an active Instagram account so all the people who want to share their sympathy with him can take Instagram to share their condolence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the rapper. We hope that the humble soul finds its way to paradise. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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