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Xavier Naidoo’s apology video caused a stir: The singer’s remorse and protests that he wanted to distance himself from the conspiracy rhetoric of the past weren’t exactly buying the public. Xavier Naidoo’s management has now informed RTL about the controversial singer’s motives.

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Xavier Naidoo: ‘Blinded by conspiracy stories’
In a video posted Tuesday night, Xavier Naidu protested his change of heart. “I was blinded by the conspiracy stories and I didn’t question them enough. I allowed myself to be partially exploited,” the 50-year-old explained in his three-minute statement. Many fans were delighted with the ‘return’, while others felt the change of heart wasn’t believable enough.

Because in recent years, Naidu has made a name for himself with the strangest conspiracy ideologies, but also with anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric. At the end of 2021, the Federal Constitutional Court even decided that the singer could be called an anti-Semite.

Many did not believe that the Ukraine war would suddenly shake it. It remains to be seen how serious his message is.

Now, his management responded to media inquiries with a statement. In it, he tries to justify Xavier Naidoo’s sudden change of heart:

“One of the reasons for the video message is the terrible war in Ukraine, which, as he explained, also affects Xavier Naidu personally.”

The singer himself has said in the video: “My wife is from Ukraine. She, our family lives there.” war, panic Due to the critical situation, he had to let his family and friends leave this “beautiful country” “because of the fear and terror there,” Naidu said.

Xavier Naidoo does not wish to comment at this time
The horrors of war are just one of several reasons he is rethinking. What else is currently unanswered? Naidu himself did not want to speak at this time, the statement said. It makes sense that his family is in a precarious position due to the war in Ukraine: “Right now, private aid measures for family, friends and others in need in Ukraine require his full attention and are his top priority.”

Once the situation in Ukraine has calmed down, the musician will again find time to “explain more of the background”.

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