Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, Instagram Leave Reddit Scandalized

WATCH: Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, Instagram Leave Reddit Scandalized: Social media has become a vicious space for Hashini Silva as she is feeling the heat of criticism on social media. But why she is gaining so much criticism and fuss? According to the source, it has come known that a video of her has been leaked on the internet, her leaked video is making her famous with every second passing. Who is she? Many people are eager to learn who is she and why she is catching people’s attention. There are still many questions that are yet to be answered. As we have already mentioned a video is helping her to become known to the mass of the public on social media. In the below-placed sections, we will tell you who is she and what is in her video? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Y FM Hashini Silva Video Leaked

According to the source, she is a radio personality and she is associated with a radio station known as YFM. Moreover, her leaked video is making huge rounds on social media. The tremendous response from the social media consumers made her famous overnight throughout social media. If you are seeking the information of the same then you are at the right place. Reports claimed that the video which is taking the internet by storm is her private video. People are pouring their interest into this matter and sharing her leaked video on a large number.


Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

Hashini Silva used to go for her studies at Yasodara Balika Vidayalaya. Throughout her career, she gained a fantastic deal of consideration and commendation. Moreover, she also has been acclaimed for her caring angel as she is a mother of a child. But she would not like it if her children get affected by her ongoing leaked video. And it is certain no parent would like to put their kid in such kind of situation. Keep reading this article to learn about Hashini Silva’s age and many more.

Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video Explained

If we look at her physical appearance then it can be predicted that she is in her late 20s. The now-viral girl is not available on social media or it can be said her social media accounts are not in people’s knowledge. However, she is getting trolled and rotten comments since her leaked clip surfaced on the internet. It is seeming that she might have temporarily disabled her social media accounts to keep herself away from the media’s viciousness. Stay tuned to this page for further developments.


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