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Yella Beezy ARRESTED, Why did Rapper Yella Beezy get arrested? Charges Explained: Nowadays crimes are increasing day by day. Whenever we turned on the TV, we heard that there has been a robbery, murder, theft, and sex cases increasing. So, many bad things were happening in this world. No one wants to live in a country with a crime. Everyone wants to live in a peaceful country where no crime has been committed. Everyone wants to live in a crime-free country. Recently there has been news where a rapper named Yella BG has been arrested again for carrying out cases of sexual harassment. He was arrested on Thursday 26 May. Follow More Update On

Yella Beezy Arrested

The rapper’s real name was Marquis Deandre Conway. If you know about his past, you would know that he was arrested in November 2021. At that time, he commits a major crime, but he gets bail soon after. Now fast forward to today, he committed a crime again. And this is a serious matter. He commits a sex crime and people are very serious about women’s issues.

Now it seems that neither he got bail nor the police will release him so easily. When the news of his arrest surfaced on the internet, many were shocked and could not believe that he had done so. The news reaches another hip-hop artist, who is also stunned and tries to find a way to release him. But it looks like the police are quite strict with him.

Why did Rapper Yella Beezy get arrested?

Currently, one bond was set at $1 million. The rapper was charged with felony sexual assault, felony abandoned endangered child, and misbehavior that is illegal to carry a weapon. Later, he was released on a $57,500 bond. After a few days, a woman comes and says that Yella Beezy raped her which brings a new twist to the case. And the police also consider the unidentified female statement.

Many people on social media were calling him negative and they are calling him a rapist.  He does not deserve to be with us. He would have to be in prison for 10 years or more. When he saw these statements, he took a step and wrote on social media that I am not a rapist and he has not done anything wrong to anyone. All the statements that you see on social media were false. Don’t take social media too seriously. It’s harmful.

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