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You Can Blend Pawpaw leaf And Onion, To Cure This Health Issues



Today we will be showing you how to blend paw paw leaf and onions to get certain health benefits and cure.

pawpaw leaf is enriching and have good side health benefits when used with other fruits or vegtables Together.

You might have heard of pawpaw juice…that juice is made from Paw paw leaf.

So let’s look at the methods and preparations we need to take for getting some side benefits

Method of preparation

1.Get 5 slices of pawpaw leaves and 2 onions

2.Wash them thoroughly and cut them I’m to smaller pieces so it can fit to blend.

3.After blending,pour the Juice in a cup,plate or neat container you can add little honey to taste..

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4.Drink text me daily(morning and night).

Benefits if this mixture

1: It cures menstrual pains.

2: It lowers blood sugar.

3: It promotes hair growth

4: It helps to treat skin problem.

5: it reduce the risk of having cancer.

6:It helps to treat heart diseases.

7: It helps in digestion.