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You Can Cure ulcer, stroke, hepatitis and shortage of blood by using this natural herbs



There are real herbal cure for all types of diseases and ailments…..


Ulcer is known to be a bad ailment that can kill person fastly if not quickly reverted or control in which there is pain in the lower region of the stomach and intestine and the stomach rumbles and ache sometimes lack of nutrition at the exact time can eventually lead to stomach ulcer likewise eating of pepperish food or things always will also caused ulcer…..

Ulcer Treatment

Get 8 tube of raw plaintain peel and pound or grind in a mortar or blend it with blender, put the pulp Into 4littre of bottle or jerry can then fill with water till it reaches the neck of the bottle or jerrican do not cover the jerrican place it opened 3 days on the 4th day then close it ….take half a glass morning and evening till it finish..

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Treatment for stroke and shortage of blood.

Get Ewerinrin leaf and papaya root then squeeze it together to remove excess water from it then mix it with milk before use…let other knows use it at night while about to sleep

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted diease.

it is transmitted through blood fluid,blood ,anal sex ,sharing of needles brushes,razors,tooth brushes etc


discoloration of urine

General weakness

Fever and abdominal pain


Vomitting and nausea

Loss of appetite


***””Remedy for Hepatitis B

Ingredients: Black seed oil, honey, coriander seed powder

Preparation: Mix black seed oil, coriander seed powder with honey together take 2 table spoon

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Dosage: Twice daily after meal

Note: One coconut get out of the water add 2 table spoon of lime juice and 1pcs of EEG mix it well take it all once daily for 3 months

1 unripe pineapple fruit

10 bottles of water

10 leaves of cashew plant

1 handfull of Cotton seed

Boil everything in water.

Take 1 glass full 4 times daily for 20 days.

****40 pieces of bitter kola

1 bottle of lime juice

1 bottle of honey.

Grind the bitter kola into powder.

Mix with Lime Juice and honey.

Take 4 spoons 4 times daily 2 months.


****Stone breaker and Lemon grass cooked together.

Drink a glass from it morning and night.

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****Slice Unripe pawpaw after peeling the back,then boil it ,filter and take Half glass cup 2 times daily for 5 days.

****Take garlic often

****Chew sugarcane often

Hepatitis B is a serious infection of the liver caused by a virus.

The virus is found in saliva,blood,semen,and vaginal fluid.

Go for check up and try the natural remedies.