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You May Decide Not To Eat Red Oil Again When You Discover How These People Make It



What is palm oil?

Palm oil otherwise and widely known as red oil is an oil that is extracted from fruit seed known as palm kernel, it’s very vital in cooking, without it most of our foods can’t be made.

Since I was born and now I’m growing older I have never seen this kind of oil process, this kind of oil processing is rare or maybe it’s cause I haven’t tour around the world to know different ways they produce oil.

In south Nigeria, the method of making palm oil is different, they cook the palm kernel, pound it with a mortal, pour water on it before filtering and boiling it again while some part of Nigeria also pound after cooking, separate the foam from the shaft and fry the foam, I don’t know if you understand but people who have seen it will understand.

This is surprising, I almost puked when I saw it, doing oil like a swimming pool, to even think that people are inside is the most surprising part of it, yet it might be the most surprising part of it is this might be the best way for them.

Let’s not condemn it, it might be the only and best way they know how to produce it, ignorance might be attached to it as well cause this act is just like bathing with the oil, after walking from their house, they jump into same oil pool, this is surprising and funny at a time.

A lady identified as Jessica Chioma Nwadike has disclosed how most people produce palm oil sold in the market and we are yet to know the state they are from, she asked if it’s how they produce oil and it sparked reactions.

People were joking with it and mentioning different states without knowing if it’s true or not, while some find it surprising just like me.

While some just surprised and irritated.

What do you think?

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