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You Should Not Eat Rice If You Have These 3 Medical Conditions



Rice is biologically known as Oryva Sativa. It is a very popular kind of food amongst a lot of communities, including West Africa and Nigeria in particular. It is can be cooked as Jollof rice, or eaten together with stew. Rice has so many benefits, as it contains quite some amount of Fibre that is in many instances, good for the body. However, many health communities and experts see white rice as an unhealthy option of food.

If you have any of the medical conditions to be listed below, please do well to avoid rice, especially highly processed foreign rice, as it lacks many vitamins and minerals that has been processed away during it’s production.

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Please if you have been diagnosed of Diabetes by a recognized hospital and doctor, do well to change your diet and remove rice from it. Rice is a complex carbohydrate that increases the blood sugar level after it has been eaten, you know as a Diabetic, this isn’t good for you so please avoid eating rice. You may eat unripe plantain instead.

For those that are obese and trying to lose weight, rice is not a food for you. Rice is a rich source of calories, which directly affects the body weight by increasing it. If you want to lose weight effectively, remove rice from your diet and see the difference within a short time.

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Finally, if you have constipation, you may do well to avoid Brown Rice, as it’s high fiber content is definitely not for you. Also, aged people should be limited from taking rice, as it predisposes them to unwanted health conditions like diabetes and unhealthy weight increase.

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