Young Lead Guitarist Gord Lewis Was Discovered Dead

Hamilton’s most recent murder victim has been identified as Gold Lewis, founding guitarist of Teen Heads. The latter’s body was found in an apartment in the city over the weekend.

He was a musician who wrote tunes for extremely entertaining performances and provided live performances that allowed many people, especially the Hamiltonians, to center their lives (and still do) around them.

How is Gord Lewis doing?

Gord Lewis, a founding member of the Canadian punk band Teenage Head, may be responsible for the third homicide in Hamilton in 2022, according to rumors.

Bystanders in Hamilton who confirmed the incident claimed that band founder Gord Lewis was found dead in his apartment between Forest Avenue and Young Street near Katherine Street in the city on Sunday night.

Detectives claim they are not looking for any further suspects as they have already arrested a person linked to the deceased.

Investigators believe the victim and defendant are father and son, according to the Hamilton Police Department. Sgt. Sarah Baker said so at a news conference on Monday. The identity of the deceased remains up in the air due to an ongoing autopsy.

According to Baker, the exact identity of the deceased has not been determined due to the level of decay. When we spoke with the resident’s family, they have been informed of the current investigation. The spokesperson added that we are currently helping them.

The Death of Gold Lewis: Murder or Suicide?

The founding member of legendary Canadian punk band Teenage Head was found dead in Hamilton, the Hamilton Spectator reports.

Gold Lewis, the band’s longtime lead guitarist, was found dead in an apartment at 175 South Katherine Street on Sunday, according to the publication.

A suspect has been taken into custody after the death of a man in his 60s.

Investigators also know that an email related to the incident was sent to the media.

According to The Spectator, an employee of the company called 911 to notify authorities of the strange electronic Jonathan Lewis, believed to be the musician’s son, sent to their newsroom on Saturday and Sunday. mail.

Bystander staff reportedly called police after reading emails that appeared to indicate Gold-Lewis had died, and police followed up with a welfare check. During that inspection, a deceased male in his 60s was found, according to an update from Hamilton Police on Monday. However, police added that the victim’s identity had not been determined due to the “level of decomposing” of the body.

How Rich Was Gold Lewis Before He Died?

Gold-Lewis has an estimated net worth of $12 million, according to the website’s net worth section.

The band’s Canadian label, Attic Records, held a series of showcase shows in New York City in September 1980 to secure the band’s record deal in the United States.

Lewis was temporarily replaced by David Benders, but he was able to return in time to play the 1982 album Some Kinda Fun.

Teenage Head was founded by Frankie Venom, Steve Mahon, Nick Stipanitz, and Gord Lewis while attending Westdale High School in Hamilton.

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