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Young Nigerian lady Begs Aboki Man To Kiss Her And To Slept With Her



A video has developed in which an alcoholic woman could be seen snatching a road vendor and beseeching him for a kiss. In the video that was shared on Instagram by @mediagist and located by, the woman who was inside a vehicle, called the “aboki” as though she planned to belittle him, and when the man obliged, the woman snatched him and mentioned for a kiss. The man was stunned by the woman’s interest and revealed to her that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what she was discussing.

The street hawker thought the young lady wanted to patronise him but he got a weird request from her.

Photo credit: @mediagist/Instagram

Source: Instagram

The lady said: “Aboki I want to kiss you. Kiss dey hungry me.” Apart from begging the street hawker for a kiss, the young lady also told him that she would like to be slept with. Social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video. Instagram user

@slimberry_01 wrote: “But this is not funny, its harassment. If the tables were turn now…”

@official_kahlan1 wrote: “She’s high on something.”

@sagircarpenter wrote: “My Muhammad namesake did not let us down. No be all of us dey desperate to kiss anything. Buy market carry your wahala dey go.”

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