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Your Whatsapp account will be hacked if you don’t do this.



As we all Know hacking is the unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network. In simple terms it refers to prying into your information system, which also includes social media, to assume illegitimate ownership of your account and use it for fraudulent purpose.

Hackers now hack WhatsApp Accounts, they exploit people on your list and give them fake news. They also dupe people on your whatsapp list of money and airtime.They act on your integrity.

They’ll change your phone number to theirs and replace you in whatsoever group you belong.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening to you because only God knows who the next victim will be, it is advisable you protect your whatsapp.

Follow these steps to protect your whatsapp;

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Minimize this Application, go to your whatsapp and follow the steps religiously.

Go to settings on your WhatsApp,

Click on Account,

Click on Two- step verification,

Enter pin,

Input your email address

And save, that’s all.