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You’re not Allowed To Laugh in North Korea on July 8 of Every Year


Unlike most countries of the world, it is known that North Korea is ruled by a dictatorial leader in the person of Kim Jong-un. The country, often regarded as the most isolated country in the world has some laws that are deemed strict in other countries, one which includes that you shouldn’t fold a newspaper; folding a newspaper that has a picture of the leaders in it is a serious offense that could attract a brutal punishment.

Kim Jong-un.

Most of these strict rules were enforced by his grandfather, who was the first North Korean supreme leader at his time, which carried on to the time of his father Kim Jong-II and then Kim Jong-un, Who became the leader in 2011. He has retained those rules and they are still potent till today; one also includes banning of sales of Coca Cola in the country.

Kim Jong II. (With hands folded to the back)

The country, which was created after the Second World War, is a communist country where Karl Marx’s socialism philosophy is very prevalent. Since then (1948), only three men have ruled the country, all from the same family. The country is a highly militarized one that compels its citizens to undergo compulsory military services at a certain age. Equally, it’s a weaponized country that put a lot of money on building weapons of mass destruction and also boasts of a powerful nuclear weapon.

However, of the different laws and customs being held by the people of North Korea, an amazing one is that which doesn’t permit the citizens to laugh or smile on the 8th of every July since president Kim II-Un, the country’s first supreme leader died in 1994. This day is regarded as mourning day and is enforced by the dictatorial leader of North Korea to show national solidarity to his father and former president of North Korea.

Portrait of the first two North Korean leaders.

As unbelievable as it may appear, it is a custom that is not played with and it is not in small amount, the punishment an offender will suffer should he or she be caught. Laughing, smiling on this day is seen as a sign of disrespect to the former supreme leader. Also, on this same July 8, no North Korean is expected to buy or drink alcohol. Violating these rules attracts serious or severe punishment.

Because of the limited or restricted access to the Internet in the country, there would be quite some other laws or customs which are not yet known about the communist country. Just less than 5% of the population of the Korean country has access to the internet. Also, international travel is highly controlled and restricted making the country one of the most unvisited places in the world.

International tourists visiting North Korea are being followed around by their officials to endeavor that they are not more than just “tourists”.

Statues of past North Korean leaders. It’s a tourist site.

It goes to say that North Korea is a country with a sit-tight president who inherited the position from his father and has then chosen to retain the harsh rules and laws that have been in existence. He has also developed North Korea along a military line, making the country one of the most feared countries in the world. What is left to answer is if the citizens really enjoy the administration. Kindly like and follow this page for more updates