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ZAC Brown Band Als Diagnosis and illness Explained: Recently news from the music industry came to the surface as a founding member John Driskell Hopkins of the band Zack brown will be diagnosed with ALS. while we can see him in a short youtube clip in which he is standing alongside his band’s members the video shared on youtube official account of the band Zac brown’s youtube channel sharing the details which really is very difficult to digest by the fans of the band,  he shared it and this video link is also shared over the other internet platforms like Twitter, Facebook followed by his fans. Follow More Updates On

ZAC Brown Band Als Diagnosis

John Driskell Hopkins in this youtube video clip is featured with his band family surrounding him where he disclosed his condition as being very emotional and said he hi been planning to play rock on the stage for many years but for the past several years he has been having difficulty in balancing of his hands and also the stiffness in his hands which remains the same since past several years, after the careful diagnostics and consultation with some of worlds best neurologists he is finally confirmed with an ALS. thanking his fans for prayers and wishes they posted in comments for their favorite rock star.

ZAC Brown Band Als Diagnosis and illness

His doctors also told him that though the research is advancing on ALS still, this disease is not completely curable and treatment will only reduce its symptoms. ALS’s full form is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, this disease leads to the weakening of the nervous system by targeting the receptor nerves in the body which leads to weakening the muscles and limiting physical function in the body. and this is said as a progressive disease that damages the nervous system and disables the nerves present in the brain and spinal code leading to losing control over the body.

John Driskell Hopkins is a member of zac brown contributes as a multi-instrumentalist in the band and is also seen mostly focussing on the electrical bass-guitar, John Driskell Hopkins is also known for his powerful vocals and his singing skills are par excellence and he is also known for his beautiful way of writing lyrics for the songs band seen playing which got most popular. as this star of the band is the full stack musician who can play all kinds of musical instruments along with b, singing, lyrics writing, and a wonder-full stage performer who can make his audience move on his beats making his having a huge fan following since the band zac brown is created in the year 2002.

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