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The Pakistan Tehrek-E-Insaf is considered one of the largest political parties in the world. The party has been formed by a Pakistani former sports personality and current prime minister of the country in the year 1996. However, this time the political organisation is not fetching the attention of any of the party’s party’s achievements but this time it is gaining the attention of the audience because one of its leaders named Zartaj Gul. She comes into the limelight after netizens started claiming that she has arrived in one of the videos circulating on social media. Get more information on Zartaj Gul Leaked on Twitter and Reddit.

According to the latest update issued by some of the significant users claimed that Zartaj Gul has appeared in a video lately circulating on vital media houses. So far, we came to know that this is not the first time the minister stuck in controversies. Now, another she is grabbing the limelight after getting featured in a video. The viral video has become the talk of the town as Zartaj Gul is one of the renowned personalities of the country and a prime member of the political party ITC.

Most people are rushing to watch the video, however, it isn’t confirmed what kind of content is carried by the clip. Although it is also not clear whether the personality is featured in the video or she has been framed to ruin her prestige in the party as the minister has zillions of haters. It is another reason that the citizens are bemused and some are even reviewing the entire case. But along with that, the MMS claims showing a person resembling the minister is trending and shared from one device to another.

Zartaj Gul even addressed the entire matter by herself and claimed that the continued viral MMS was staged to have the ability to smear her standing. The recent statement of the minister confirmed that it is tampered video that went viral by the people standing against her to ruin her image in the nation.

As we mentioned above that it isn’t the first time when such happened with any politician in Pakistan. Prior to this, another scandal occurred that spoiled the fame of Muhammad Zubair. The case also gran enormous attention at the time and now the law enforcement analyzing the matter. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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