Zasheem Kane Ontre Moses Death, Tribute to teen, 19, killed in Tottenham stabbing

Zasheem Kane Ontre Moses Death, Obituary – The revelation has left the family of the 19-year-old victim of the stabbing that occurred on Tottenham High Road last night “broken,” and they say that there are “no words to convey the way we feel.” They stated that Zasheem Kane Ontre Moses was a “nice young man” who “looked after his brothers and his mother.”

In a statement sent to MyLondon on behalf of the family, a close friend of the family named Lesley Rose said the following: “Zasheem was one of five brothers, and at the young age of 19, he was the second eldest.” Zasheem was a fine young man, but nobody is flawless and we all make mistakes in life. Zasheem was one of us. He watched out for his brothers, his mother, his friends, and anyone else who needed it.

“As a family and as a community, we are devastated by his passing; he had his whole life ahead of him. There are no words that can adequately describe how we are feeling right now; all we can say is that we are grateful to everyone for their support at this difficult time.”

At 5.30 p.m. on Friday evening (September 30), officers were dispatched to the area on Tottenham High Road, close to Holcombe Market, after receiving allegations of a ‘altercation’ at the location. They discovered Zasheem suffering from injuries that seemed to be stab wounds, but despite the efforts of the paramedics, he passed away shortly after their discovery.

Since then, police have been conducting an investigation at the location, and a massive cordon that spans a number of highways and encompasses numerous apparent points of interest has been set up.

Detective Investigator Daniel Catmull is in charge of the investigation at this point. He expressed his feelings by saying, “My heart goes out to this young man’s family.” They are receiving assistance from cops with specialized training, and I can assure them of my complete dedication to locating and prosecuting whoever was involved for this heinous act. These officers are currently receiving assistance from trained personnel.

Although it is thought that the victim died as a result of injuries caused by a knife, there was evidence that a firearm had been fired before to the victim’s death. This is an essential component of the investigation being conducted by the police, and in-depth forensic work, in addition to numerous other lines of inquiry, is still being carried out at the scene.

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As a result of the announcement of Zasheem Kane Ontre Moses’s passing being made public, his friends, family, and other people who were close to him are going through a period of intense grief. I don’t believe that life should be viewed as something terrifying. In my opinion, it’s very similar to getting a soothing massage after a long day at the office. In the end, you will have to pick yourself up and head back to work at some point. To sum it all up, that pretty much sums up life, death, and the economy.

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